Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

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The about english economy of indonesia From Ulfa 

Indonesia is a country that contains great economic potential; a potential that has not gone unnoticed to part of the global community. Indonesia  contains a number of characteristics that put the country in a great position for newly advanced economic development.
 Moreover, in recent years there is strong support from the central government to curb Indonesia's traditional reliance on commodity exports, while raising the role of the manufacturing industry within the economy. Infrastructure development is also a key goal of the government, and one that should cause a multiplier effect within the economy.

one of International recognition regarding Indonesia's economy are the recent upgrades of the country's credit ratings by international financial services companies.
Resilient economic growth, low government debt and prudent fiscal management have been cited as reasons for the upgrades and are key in attracting financial inflows into Indonesia.

Although Indonesia is eager to reduce its traditional reliance on raw commodity exports and boost the manufacturing industry, it is a difficult path particularly because the private sector remains hesitant to invest.
 This transformation is important because falling commodity prices has impacted drastically on Indonesia. Indonesia's export performance weakened significantly, implying fewer foreign exchange earnings and reduced purchasing power, hence causing an economic slowdown.

The Indonesian government under the leadership of Joko Widodo, Indonesia's seventh president, has implemented several structural reforms that aim at long-term growth but cause some short-term pain. For example, the majority of fuel subsidies have been scrapped successfully, a remarkable accomplishment (as fuel subsidy cuts have always caused outrage among the population) aided by the globe's low crude oil prices. Moreover, the government places high priority on infrastructure development and on investment.

There are signs that Indonesia's economic growth is starting to accelerate again after the economic slowdown in the years 2011-2015 (twenty and eleven- until- twenty and fiftin) . As such we may be at the beginning of what can become another period of substantial economic growth. However, it should also be pointed out that Indonesia is a complex country that contains certain risks for investments and experiences difficulties due to the nation's unique dynamics and context. In order to be aware of the risks involved we advise you to know our Risks of Investing in Indonesia and to keep track of Indonesia's latest economic, political and social developments through our News, Business and Finance.

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Jumat, 12 Mei 2017

My Future Business

My Future Business

I still remember I want to open a special hijab shop but I have seen many people selling hijab, what I want is I want to open a different business from other people haha, (but it's not possible I keep thinking about opening a small business that is opening a shop Photocopies had time to think where I live there is a school and many people who want to photopi and all sorts but I think again is where can the shops on the street so they do not need a photocopy far away, I think again where looking for an affordable store And will be near the crowds, and when I browse along the way of the cape raya 1 all the shops are not written for rent there I dashed my hopes mebuka photocopy business. 
* Why I do not continue my father's business is to open a glass shop business and open a wholesale that hired people emang difficult this job, but work like a glass shop can be done at home if the wholesale must depart in the areas. I think this business is very hard for me because depending on others who order it, I try to market cabinets and stove table with the family next to my father who used the ingredients kombosit and Alhamdulillah those who first ordered the cabinet and my father stove table.

Sample drawings of composite cabinet materials and aluminum

And I will try to market social media missed for example facebook area special pontianak. Hopefully my business succeeded and always prayed specifically to Allah SWT *aamiin

Sabtu, 29 April 2017

Tutorial How to create name art via smartphone

How to create name art via smartphone
Here I will explain about making a name art through the mobile app that we use everyday and also now sophisticated mobile-sophisticated does not need to bother editing photos, name art, videos and others via laptop. Now definitely on your phone a lot of applications to edit photos or videos all sorts right? Well here I will do the steps how to create a name art of PixelLab and PicsArt applications to do it.

Before I start the steps you have to download the application via Playstore or google I suggest you download via google because if using in google does not need to pay all its free paced haha: D
Step 1
You have to open an application called PixelLab, after you open your application to 3D

Step 2After you click 3D you write your name as you wish, for example

Step 3

Once you have written the name you want you should save it first, before switching to the PicsArt application, before that you have to left click to save and will cause example as below

Step 4 
After you save will cause as below, and will also be stored in your phone gallery

Step 5 

After that you switch to Application PicsArt, after you open piscart application as example below you click edit which image you save

Step 6After you click edit it will appear like this, after that you clicked sticker

Step 7
After you click the sticker will appear below, and according to what you want
Step 8
Once you create what you want it will be like this.Good luck